G-Dragon Reportedly Faces New Allegations From Police


G-Dragon is reportedly suspected of destroying evidence.

G-Dragon | Chosun Ilbo

On November 10, My Daily reported that G-Dragon had already removed all of his body hair when he was tested for drugs. The report then goes on to state that Police are looking into the possibility that the idol had deliberately done this to destroy evidence.

According to the report, the Police are leaving the possibility that G-Dragon had destroyed evidence because, allegedly,  previous celebrities who had tested positive for drugs had also removed their body hair prior to their drug test.

Park Yoochun reportedly also removed his body hair before testing positive | JoongAng Ilbo

The latest report comes at a time when the Police officers involved in investigations have come under intense scrutiny.

Korean Netizens Demand Answers Following G-Dragon’s Test Results

Previously, Police investigated G-Dragon for drug use after he was implicated by a sex worker as part of an investigation into Lee Sun Kyun‘s alleged drug use. G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun have both tested negative for drugs.

Lee Sun Kyun | Chosun Ilbo

In research for this article, although it states that body hair that is at least 1.5 inches long is a suitable replacement for head hair, there is no evidence stating that testing body hair results are more conclusive. Also, urine, blood, and fingernails are also suitable to be tested. G-Dragon has previously denied that he has dyed, bleached, or damaged his hair, meaning that the idol’s hair should provide conclusive testing.

Stay tuned for updates.

 Are police officers trying to save face? 

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