G-Dragon Proves His Global Impact Even During Drug Investigation


An online community board recently garnered much attention for the fashion brands that received the spotlight after G-Dragon wore their products during his drug investigation.

Most recently, the glasses he wore during his interview with Yonhap News appeared on the brand’s official Instagram.

The glasses are from the brand oror and is called the British 1930’s Noir and is available for pre-order. The black suit he wore during the drug investigation also received much attention online.

The jacket is from the brand LHAS and is called the genderless double breasted mens jacket. The owner of the brand even posted G-Dragon wearing it on their Instagram and thanked him.

LHAS | Instagram

Thank you.

Previously, the glasses he wore during the outdoor interview from the brand sold out right away. The stylish pair of glasses are the Zephyrin (Nior 3) from Jacques Marie Mage and are priced at ₩1.27 million KRW (about $972 USD).

The #GDRAGON glasses x Jacques Marie Mage have just Sold Out right after the outdoor interview.

Kfans checking on GD glasses and quickly buying them. GD impact pic.twitter.com/wsQe88Nt0R

— G-Dragon is the manual (@WhiteTamar1) November 6, 2023

It was also revealed that the cardigan he wore during the news interview, which also garnered much attention, was from Chanel.

G-Dragon | Yonhap News/YouTube

Netizens agreed that a super star’s influence is on a totally different level!

Netizen comments | theqoo Netizen comments | theqoo “It’s amazing to see the amount of influence he still has.” “I thought the cardigan was really pretty.” “No wonder I thought the cardigan was pretty.” “I wanted to buy the cardigan, lol.” “Wow, the cardigan is Chanel.” “I looked up where his glasses were from, too.” “Where are his socks from.” “Wow, this is crazy…not anyone can just be a superstar.” “He really is a super star.” “No, but really, the cardigan is so pretty.” “Where is the cardigan from?”

Recently, the Incheon Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit announced that it had booked G-Dragon on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. It was reported that the police discovered G-Dragon’s drug charges while investigating Person B, the manager of an entertainment establishment, who was involved in the investigation into actor Lee Sun Kyun’s alleged drug use. In the case of G-Dragon, it is a separate case from Lee’s drug use incident.

 Sold out king. 

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