G-Dragon And Lee Sun Kyun Banned From Leaving Korea Following Drug Use Charges


G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun have both been banned from leaving Korea as police investigate their drug use.

In a press release from the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug crime investigation team, they confirmed that both G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun’s travel ban was approved by the Ministry of Justice. The police will soon be conducting reagent tests to determine exactly which drugs they used and how many times they used them.

In addition, the police have confiscated the phone of “A”, the head of the membership room salon in Gangnam that is connected with the drug use case involving the two celebrities. They plan to analyze A’s call records and messages to verify the charges levied against G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun while also investigating whether there are other suspects.

G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun have been booked on charges of using marijuana and psychotropics. Earlier in the day, G-Dragon denied being involved in the case.

G-Dragon Denies All Accusations Of Drug Abuse

 They cannot leave the country. 

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