Fourth Generation Male K-Pop Idol Being Called The “Top Vocalist” Of His Generation With Viral Video


There are a lot of talented vocalists in the fourth generation of K-Pop, and many of them get plenty of recognition for their singing abilities. However, there are also some vocalists from groups that are not as frequently discussed that deserve more attention and praise for their abilities, and recently, one such singer has been in the spotlight after a video of his singing went viral.

Jooyeon (Xdinary Heroes)

The singer in question is Jooyeon from the band Xdinary Heroes. Even though the group is under JYP Entertainment, since they’re technically a band rather than a typical K-Pop group, they don’t get the same kind of promotions and music show opportunities as others under their label.

Jooyeon is the bassist, main vocalist, visual, and maknae of Xdinary Heroes, and his title as the one of the group’s two main vocalists is impressive, because as a whole, they have amazing singing abilities!

The below video of Jooyeon singing live is the one that recently viral, and it currently has over 5.9 million views, 19k likes, and 30k retweets on Twitter. And it’s easy to understand why, with those stunning raw vocals that the idol is showcasing!

솔직히 4세돌 보컬 탑임
반박…해주세요 나도 궁금함 이 보컬을 뛰어넘는 남돌이있는지

— hantoli (@hantolliii) November 8, 2023

Since the video went viral, more examples of Jooyeon’s singing abilities were shared in the comments of the tweet, further proving his vocal prowess.

계정주가 사랑하는 장발미남베이스보컬리스트의
20살이이어케 이혼당하고양육권뺏긴사람처럼 노래를 부르는 임파서블 커버봐주세요…..솔직히 풀버젼봐야됨

— hantoli (@hantolliii) November 11, 2023

계정주 소트 1위곡 플루토 들어주세요
그냥 아름다움..노래도아름답고 무대도 아름다워요
마지막에 보컬 휘몰아치는게 미치도록 감동적임
솔직히 이것도 풀버젼봐야됨

— hantoli (@hantolliii) November 11, 2023

not빌런즈 친구들의 원픽 노래 굿이너프 메보들 보컬차력쇼 공유합니다
어케 한그룹에 메보가 두명?

— hantoli (@hantolliii) November 11, 2023

He and Xdinary Heroes are a band that definitely deserve more attention and a bigger audience than they have, because they’re clearly an incredibly talented group of musicians!

온도,습도,헤어,코디,노래,베이스,보컬 이 모든게 완벽한
<엑스디너리히어로즈 주연>의 스트로베리케이크 직캠 다들 보세요두번보세요…보컬도보컬인데 저 베이스 소리가 사람미치게함

— hantoli (@hantolliii) November 13, 2023

주인장 소트 1위곡 플루토를 2키 올려서 무반주쌩라이브로 말아줌,,,그것도 미친 명창으로……..이거 실시간으로 듣고 코엑스 뚜껑 날아가는줄 알았다네요,,

— hantoli (@hantolliii) November 13, 2023

The quote retweets show nothing but pride, support, and amazement directed at Jooyeon and his group.


— alex IM NOT SORRY ABT THE GAON RT SPAM (@lheeseungismine) February 6, 2024

I mean this should go viral every other week to be honest

— ᵗʰᵉ ᶠᵒᵘʳᵗʰˢᵘⁿᶠˡᵒʷᵉʳ (@meowswoo) February 6, 2024

literally every villians conversion can be credited to this vid

— meg | jungsu’s wife (@scrambllies) February 6, 2024


— dan (@xdinaryguni) February 6, 2024

Lee Jooyeon you always be a legend of vocals 🥹🩷

— livya SOLO STAN (@J000912) February 6, 2024

The tweet was also shared on an online forum post, where more people shared their positive feelings towards Jooyeon’s singing!

We hope this viral moment helps Xdinary Heroes get more well-deserved attention and recognition for the incredibly skilled artists that they are!

 Not to mention, he looks like a manhwa character! 

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