Fourth-Generation Idol To Depart Group Due To Health Issues


BLITZERS‘ Go_U will be departing from the group.

Go_U | WUZO Entertainment

On January 29, WUZO Entertainment announced that the idol would be exiting the group for health issues. According to the label, the idol has been dealing with health issues since last year.

Go_U has stopped promoting since April 2023 due to his health and has focused on rest and recovering. During this time, we spoke with Go_U about his future in the entertainment industry. After careful deliberation, we have decided that Go_U will be ending his promotions with BLITZERS to focus on recovering his health.

— WUZO Entertainment

The label then went on to thank the fans for their support.

We would like to apologize to our fans, who have always supported us, for bringing you this sudden news. Although Go_U’s time with BLITZERS have come to an end, we ask that you warmly support him so that he can recover his health.

— WUZO Entertainment

Stay tuned for updates.

 The idol’s label made the sudden announcement. 

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