Fourth-Generation Idol Kicked Out Of Group Promotions Amid Scandal


TEMPEST member Hwarang will be suspended from the group.

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On March 6, Yuehua Entertainment released a statement regarding the idol member. In its message, the label revealed that Hwarang would be spending time away from the group.

We had a deep discussion with Hwarang regarding the recent controversies surrounding his private life that have been going viral on social media. During the discussion, Hwarang was not able to earn back trust, and we have decided that it is impossible for the team to promote under these circumstances.

— Yuehua Entertainment

The label then revealed that Hwarang would not be participating in future group activities.

As such, TEMPEST will be promoting their 5th mini album TEMPEST Voyage with six members by excluding Hwarang. We ask that you understand that Hwarang has already filmed for the promotions that may be used. We apologize for causing concern with the sudden news.

— Yuehua Entertainment

Previously, Hwarang was exposed for having gone club hopping, drinking, and allegedly using a private Instagram account to keep in touch with the women he meets. You can read more in the link below.

Private Instagrams And Club Hopping — Fan Exposes 4th Generation Idol’s Alleged Lies


 The idol was previously exposed for going clubbing and partying with women. 

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