Former T-ARA’s Areum Exposes Disturbing Details Of Her Children’s Abuse By Her Ex-Husband


Former T-ARA member Areum recently made some shocking allegations against her ex-husband, businessman Kim Yong Chul.

Areum and Kim Young Gul | @areum0ju/Instagram

The singer took to her personal Instagram to report the issue. She posted a series of recorded conversations with her children, where they recounted the abuse they faced at the hands of their father.

In the caption, she offered a detailed expose of Kim, with whom she is currently tied up in the legal proceedings of a divorce. Areum claimed that Kim had taken out loans without her knowledge and was involved in gambling. He has also never offered her any financial support. She also accused him of being violent toward her while they were married.

Areum explained that she kept silent about her own abuse for the sake of her children and even sent them away to Kim since he promised a quicker divorce in return. But during a negotiation interview, when she met her two sons, they recounted some horrifying stories of abuse they endured at the hands of Kim.

According to Areum’s statement, the younger son, who is less than a year old, was frequently thrown onto the bed, while the older son, who is five, was hit and even kicked out of the house for making noise while Kim and his mother were asleep.

Bruises on Areum’s elder son’s body | @areum0ju/Instagram Bruises on Areum’s younger son’s body | @areum0ju/Instagram

The father also allegedly subjected the children to more inhumane treatment, such as spitting on their faces and peeing on them. The older son also allegedly had his face smeared with feces.

| @areum0ju/Instagram | @areum0ju/Instagram

Areum stated that she has secured full custody of her kids, and they are with her currently. With all the recorded evidence she has in store, the singer hopes to bring her ex-husband to justice. Additionally, she mentioned that she would also reveal her own abuse in time.

The post left netizens in shock, inviting prompt condemnation of Kim’s behavior.

“He’s not even worth cursing at . Cheer up . Wishing you strength .” “Did you just say he defecated on the kids’ faces?” “This is beneath humanity . I hope you win no matter what . I’ll be cheering for you.”

“I’ll always cheer for you ^^.” “This made me so angry…What was the child’s fault?” “Is he even the real father?… Parents are usually worried sick if their child so much as bumps into something or falls…TT.” “How can someone do that to their own kid?” “I have never seen someone this abusive. It’s shocking…I hope the bad memories disappear from the kids’ recollection.”  She posted the evidence on her social media. 

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