Former PRISTIN Member Xiyeon Transitions Into Acting, Signing With A New Agency


Former PRISTIN member Xiyeon (Park Si Yeon) will be transitioning into acting, signing with a new agency.

In a press release shared with various media outlets, including Mydaily, Saero Actors shared Park Si Yeon has signed an exclusive contract with them and will be promoting as an actress.

Park Si Yeon has proven her potential by appearing in numerous commercials, music videos, and in Legendary Hometown – Gumiho, even before she debuted as a singer.

We are glad to welcome the talented actress Park Si Yeon as our new family member and we will fully support her various activities so she can showcase her infinite potential in the future.

— Saero Actors

Park Si Yeon made herself known through Produce 101 Season 1, where she placed 29th. She then debuted with PRISTIN, but sadly the group was suddenly disbanded after less than three years together.

 Good luck to her on her future endeavors. 

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