Former MOMOLAND’s Nancy Signs Contract With ATOC, Home To Former NMIXX’s Jini


Fans of MOMOLAND were saddened, but not too surprised, when the group ended up disbanding earlier this year after leaving their former label, MLD Entertainment, in January.

MOMOLAND | MLD Entertainment

Seeing a beloved K-Pop group disband is never easy, but people were hopeful that the members would be able to better pursue their individual interests and passions now that they’re no longer limited by their former label.

| MLD Entertainment

Nayun was the first to join a new company, signing with acting label MYNEST Company earlier in September to pursue a career in the industry. And now, a second member has officially joined a new label as well!


On September 21 KST, a media outlet reported that the former maknae of MOMOLAND, Nancy, had signed a contract with start-up agency ATOC (formerly UAP).


This company is best-known as the home of Jini, a former member of NMIXX, who is in the middle of promotions for her upcoming solo debut.

Jini | ATOC

In the meantime, Nancy has started a career in the musical theater industry by starring in the upcoming musical The Show! Shilla Hada, which will have 42 performances between October 19 and December 6.

She’s also currently promoting as a representative for Chow Tai Fook HUÁ collection, a Hong Kong-based jewelry brand.

We wish the best for Nancy in whatever field she decides to pursue in the future!

 We wish the best for her! 

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