Former K-Pop Idol Gains Attention For Her Visual Transformation Which Suits Her Career Change To An Actress


Over the years, there have been plenty of idols who have made the move to acting or those who are doing a bit of both. Yet, one former idol who has made the transition to an actress with a completely new image is former IZ*ONE member Kang Hyewon.

Former IZ*ONE member Kang Hyewon during the “Violetta” promotions

She first made her debut after competing in the reality show Produce 48, coming in 8th place and securing her place in IZ*ONE.

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Yet, after the group’s contract ended in 2021, she returned to her agency and chose to debut as an actress. While she hasn’t had many roles, Hyewon has started to broaden her filmography.

In particular, Hyewon is currently promoting the newest film Boyhood, starring Im Siwan, Lee Sun Bin, Lee Si Woo, and many more, where she plays Kang Seon Hwa.

Kang Hyewon’s role in “Boyhood”

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Hyewon has been doing promotional events, and it’s here where the former idol has caught the attention of fans. In photos taken by journalists, netizens believe that Hyewon no longer looks like an “idol” and exudes “actress vibes.”

In the photos, Hyewon looks extremely mature with minimalistic styling.

| Nate Pann | Nate Pann | Nate Pann | Nate Pann

It is a stark contrast to her styling and looks from when she was an idol. Even in videos from events, while some of the “service” might seem similar, Hyewon’s vibes are completely different.

즉석에서 춘 혜원이 ㄱㄴ 춤ㅋㅋㅋ

— 705 (@hyewon_like) November 20, 2023

소녀시대에서 강선화 역을 맡은 강혜원입니다

— 705 (@hyewon_like) November 20, 2023

Many netizens, especially Western fans under the translated piece, seem to believe this suits Hyewon more, and her presence was always more suited to being an actress than an idol.

 “She doesn’t look like an idol at all…” 

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