Former Idol Under Fire For Lying About Losing Her Father After Her DUI Accident Kills Single Father


Former idol-turned-DJ Yeseong, who was recently booked for killing a motorcyclist in an accident while driving drunk, is facing backlash again for allegedly lying in her apology statement.

DJ Yeseong | @dj_yesong/TikTok

After the initial reports of the accident, the public was heartbroken to realize that the victim, a man in his 50s, was a single father. On February 7, new reports stated that the DJ had apologized for her crime through her mother while she herself was in police custody.

I know there is nothing I can do that absolves me from the crime. I will carry the pain I caused the victim and his family for the rest of my life.

— DJ Yesong

Additionally, in her statement, she mentioned, “I also lost my father when I was young and lived alone with my mother. So, I know the pain and the emptiness very well.” She apologized for inflicting the same pain on the victim’s family.

The DJ crashed her car behind a deliveryman’s motorbike | Sports Chosun

However, it has now been confirmed that the DJ’s statement about losing her father at a young age was not true. According to a report by JTBC on February 8, her biological father is still alive. An informant told the news outlet that they didn’t understand why DJ Yeseong and her mother implied that he was deceased.

In response, the DJ’s mother confirmed that the informant’s claims were true. However, she explained that it was a case of miscommunication, explaining that she never said that Yeseong had lost her father but that she grew up without him.

In the media interview, I talked about raising my child (Yeseong) without a husband from the age of 3. I did not mention that my husband had passed away. So, there must have been a misunderstanding on that part.

— DJ Yesong’s mother

The DJ’s mother also admitted that some of the contents of Yeseong’s letter from the prison were different from what was reported. But she didn’t divulge into them as such. She also expressed her regret about this accident, saying that she paid her respects to the deceased at the accident site and believed that her daughter should receive the punishment she deserves.

DJ Yeseong at the Seoul Central District Court | News1

Meanwhile, DJ Yeseong is still being held in custody after she ran over a deliveryman in his 50s. Eyewitnesses from the scene told the media that she was not cooperative with the first responders after the accident and sat with her dog instead. Reports also stated that her blood alcohol level at the time of the accident was high enough for her driver’s license to be revoked. The police have requested a detailed drug examination of the DJ after she was tested negative in a preliminary drug test.

 Her mother denied the allegations. 

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