Former (G)I-DLE Member Soojin Shocks Fans With Unexpected Gesture At Fansign Event


Former (G)I-DLE member Soojin made her long-awaited solo debut last month, releasing her first mini-album titled AGASSY and the title track of the same name. While fans eagerly anticipated her return to the stage after over two years away from the spotlight, there was uncertainty surrounding how much support Soojin would receive following her departure from (G)I-DLE in 2021 amidst bullying allegations.


However, Soojin’s first fansign event following her solo debut showed that her loyal fans were still standing right by her side.


— jhai | SOOJIN SOLO (@jingeurideul) November 9, 2023

During the event, Soojin took the time to individually greet each fan, signing albums and taking photos. Fans were pleasantly surprised and shocked when Soojin recognized several of them from (G)I-DLE’s fansign events from almost three years prior.

11.11.23 fansign #SOOJIN sweet gesture to give homemade pepero to all the fans who came since it’s pepero day in SK.‍🩹

— ⋆ (@sootangloops) November 11, 2023

Video clips posted online showed Soojin calling out the fans she remembered and cutely joking around with them, indicating her sincerest appreciation for those who waited for her return.

231109 에버라인 대면 #수진

나는 그냥 나 기억하는지가 궁금했는데
냅다 “웅! 맛동산!” 이라고 외쳐버린 서수탱…..

— 맛동산 (@Matdongsan_I) November 10, 2023

This simple but meaningful gesture touched the hearts of all those in attendance. For Soojin’s longtime fans, her recollection of them, despite the long hiatus, reinforced that their unwavering support and patience over the past 2 years meant the world to her. Most idols who go through hiatuses often fear losing support not only from the public but also from their fans. Especially in an industry as competitive as the K-Pop one, where new groups are debuting almost every month.

Soojin’s debut happened for more than 2 year since the day she departed from the group. | BRD

Seeing Soojin remember them must have felt like confirmation that their loyalty did not go unnoticed. Despite leaving (G)I-DLE, Soojin clearly still thinks fondly of the fans she came to know during her time as an idol.

Soojin during a (G)I-DLE fansign in 2020. | 粉絲簽名會

For Soojin herself, being surrounded by familiar faces of fans she had not seen in years also likely provided great comfort. Having legions of fans walk away after the bullying accusations must have been painful. Witnessing that so many fans weathered the storm of controversy by her side and came out to support her solo endeavor probably invoked a sense of relief.

soojin remembering fans at the fan meetings is genuinely making me emotional because shes probably feels so happy and relieved that so many of them waited for her and still support her

— soojinpedia (@soojingucci) November 10, 2023

While Soojin’s solo debut seemed questionable to some, given her scandal, this interaction with steadfast fans affirms that for many, she remains someone worth believing in. Seeing Soojin reconnect with familiar faces provided hope that her career can move forward with open arms welcoming her back.

Soojin’s acknowledgment of her longtime fans showed that she has not forgotten where she came from on her road to stardom. Their unexpected reunion was a touching full-circle moment — evidence that the bonds built over years of mutual support can withstand even controversies. It was a simple gesture but one that loudly reaffirmed Soojin’s devoted fans’ choice to keep waiting faithfully for her return.

 “It’s genuinely making me emotional…” 

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