Former (G)I-DLE Member Soojin Reportedly Drops Korean Promotions Sparking Speculation


Soojin has reportedly dropped all Korean promotions.


According to industry insiders, Soojin will focus on her overseas promotions. The former (G)I-DLE member recently returned with her single “AGASSY.”

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When reached for comment, the idol’s label revealed that the idol has no plans to promote on Korean music shows.

There are no planned music show promotions, and she will mainly communicate with fans through her social media and YouTube.

— BRD Entertainment

The label, however, pushed back on the notion that Soojin had yet to promote in Korea.

As of now, it isn’t like she hasn’t promoted (Korea). She has already held a fan-sign event and will continue to do so.

— BRD Entertainment

Korean media outlets attributed the lack of Korean promotions to Soojin’s school bullying scandal. In 2021, the idol was alleged to have bullied her schoolmates. While Soojin denied the allegations, sentiment towards the idol took a turn for the worse when actress Seo Shin Ae came forward to allege the idol had bullied her. Soojin eventually left (G)I-DLE in 2022.


 Her label has responded to the reports. 

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