Former “A2K” Contestant Cristina Allegedly Shades VCHA


Last year, JYP Entertainment and Republic Records‘s collaborative K-Pop survival show A2K (also known as America to Korea) aired. North America-based contestants auditioned to compete in a Korea-based trainee boot camp.

“A2K” contestants |  JYP Entertainment

The show concluded revealing the final line-up consisting of Lexus Vang, KG Crown, Camila Ribeaux Valdes, Savanna Collins, Kaylee Lee, and Kendall Ebeling. They formed the new girl group VCHA, which recently made their official debut with “Girls of the Year.” They will also soon be the opening act for TWICE‘s 5th World Tour Ready To Be.

A fan-favorite at the time who didn’t make the final lineup was Cristina Lopez S., who is a dancer/performer based in Atlanta.

Cristina Lopez | @1cristinalopez/Instagram

She reposted a video that poked fun of K-Pop fans that pit VCHA and KATSEYE, Geffen Records and HYBE America international girl group formed from survival show The Debut: Dream Academy, up against each other. The OP (Original Poster) claimed that British girl group FLO could not be “dethroned” by either group and even derogatorily referred to the other groups’ members as “fetuses” in the caption.

why we gotta make things a competition? Like… I love Flo, Vcha and Katseye.

— han7 | KATSEYE (@katsvcha) January 29, 2024

Cristina also commented, “YUPPP,” in agreement on this video. She has since removed her repost.

Additionally, Cristina has liked multiple “shady” comments on her videos. For example, one fan said they were glad she didn’t debut with VCHA while making fun of their concept. Another commented that “She doesn’t need Vcha… Vcha needs her.” On the last comment, she also replied, “Don’t hate guys.”

Similarily, Cristina and her mother filmed a TikTok together in which her mom stated, “I am happy that she has control of her life and got eliminated.” Cristina took the phone back, laughing. Later in the video, her mom added, “I really find it crazy how shows will not show the majority of everything that happened in the background and then people believe the tiny little 10% that was shown, and I was there, so I saw the entire thing, and that just literally blew my mind.” Again, Cristina responded by laughing.


please laugh as hard as i did at this, everyone say i love you mama lopez #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #cristinalopez #a2kcristina #christinalopezsandiford #christinalopez #cristinalopezsandiford

♬ original sound – cristinalopez

Now, Cristina has shared a dance cover of VCHA’s “Girls of the Year” via Instagram Reels and TikTok in celebration of their official debut. She referred to the members as “my girls” in a supportive message.

wishing my girls the BESTT debut!! and can’t wait for more love y’all so so much!!


— Cristina



wishing my babies the BESTTTT debut!! yall gotta show this song as much love as i am!! THEY ARE THE GIRLS OF THE YEAR!! @VCHA #vcha #vlights #cristinalopez #cristinalopezsandiford #fyp #foryoupage #4you #viral #viraltiktok #a2kcristina

♬ Girls of the Year – VCHA

The comment section on her TikTok are mostly positive as her followers praised her for being a “supportive friend” despite not debuting with VCHA. She has only liked positive comments on this post.

While Cristina’s fans are still supportive, many netizens are calling her out in the comment section of her posts on Instagram. Not only her VCHA dance cover but even other posts have received comments regarding her past controversial social media acivity.

VCHA fans think that Cristina is now doing “damage control.” They believe that her recent post contrdicts her other social media activity.

cristina from a2k dancing to vcha after liking multiple anti comments and reposting shady videos ???

— urmom (@newjeattention) January 29, 2024

And now she is all out supporting vcha with her recent tiktok.. character development after 12 hrs? Or damage control?

— Popcorn Zero Coke (@ananashane) January 30, 2024

I FUCKING KNEW IT this girl cannot be serious rn.. LMFAO the cover up is so funny omfg #vcha

— ʚ nessa ɞ (@soadoreible) January 29, 2024

Another A2K contestant previously garnered attention for releasing a “diss track.” Read more below.

A2K Contestant Releases A “Diss Track” After VCHA’s Line-Up Announcement

 She has now posted a dance cover of their debut song. 

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