Former 3rd Gen Idol Group Member Announces Engagement To Longtime Girlfriend


Former HALO member Dino (also known as Jo Sung Ho) recently announced that he is engaged to his girlfriend of 13 years and revealed the full story of how they went from breaking up to getting engaged on their popular YouTube channel.

Lee Sang Mi (left) and Jo Sung Ho (right) | 이봉조봉커플/YouTube

Jo Sung Ho revealed the exciting news of their engagement with his fiancée, Lee Sang Mi, who is a model and a digital content creator.

In their announcement video, they admitted they hadn’t thought about marriage, but after a turning point in their relationship, Jo Sung Ho approached Lee Sang Mi and decided that they should either get married or break up.

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After discussion, they decided to break up, but it lasted only briefly before they got back together and got engaged.

Now, they are planning a trip to visit wedding venues, and although they want to get married as soon as this year, they are planning their wedding for 2025.

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The couple has been open about the reality of their relationship and the hardships they faced when Dino was actively promoting as an idol.

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 The couple shares their full engagement story. 

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