Flipping Through The Pages Of Kriti Sanon’s Ski Diaries From Gulmarg

While fans are watching Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya in theatres, Kriti Sanon is taking a well-deserved trip to Gulmarg, Kashmir. How do we know? Well, her recent Instagram post provides all the evidence. The actress has shared a carousel of pictures and videos from the fun trip. In the pictures, Kriti can be seen having the best time amidst the snow-capped mountains with her gang of friends. The first snapshot features a group photo where Kriti and others are clad in quilted jackets against the backdrop of the snowy wonderland. Following that is a video of the actress experiencing the thrill of skiing. The subsequent slides show Kriti posing with others amidst the snowfall. Additionally, there are other group pictures and a video capturing everyone joyfully throwing snowballs at each other. 

While captioning the post, Kriti Sanon wrote, “Gulmarg- You Beauty! Tribe Retreat 3.0 was so much fun!! Take me back!”

Actor Ronit Roy was among the first ones to comment on Kriti Sanon’s post. He wrote, “All of y’all are so lovely and wonderful,” and dropped a black heart.

While promoting Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya Kriti Sanon – who plays the role of AI-generated model, Super Intelligent Female Robot Automation, aka SIFRA in the film – talked about how artificial intelligence can harm a person’s image. In an interview with Galatta Plus, the actress said, “There were some fake articles roaming out about me. Kisi app ne likhe the [They were written by an app] to promote themselves. It’s been so hard for me because they morphed like Times of India. They morphed BBC and all. So I had my family members and all the people messaging me – ‘What is this?’ And they have taken some pictures from different films, where I am crying. They made the eyes more red and all and it’s like some scandalous thing has happened to me.” 

“Honestly, it was very difficult for me also, at my position, to get those articles off. Once it’s out, it circulates to another level. You can’t… Kaha-kaha se nikaloge. I feel like it’s a scary place. I genuinely feel like social media is probably one of the worst things that’s happened to our generation in general. The amount of stress, the amount of issues that it has created…The amount of information…Our brain is not used to having so much information fed to it all the time. People getting addicted to phones,” Kriti Sanon added.

Up next, Kriti Sanon will be seen in The Crew. The Rajesh Krishnan film also features Kareena Kapoor, Tabu, and Diljit Dosanjh in important roles. The film will be hitting the big screens on March 29.

 Up next, Kriti Sanon will be seen in The Crew      

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