“Fired Immediately” — ATEEZ’s Coachella Performance Has Only One “Offensively Bad” Problem


ATEEZ‘s recent performance at Coachella had only one issue that had nothing to do with the group.

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On Friday, April 13, ATEEZ made history by becoming the first K-Pop boy group to perform at Coachella 2024. Fans patiently waited all day for the group’s performance, the second to last on the “Sahara” stage.

The group naturally put on a fantastic show, with Jongho earning praise for his outstanding vocals as San and Mingi attracted locals with their nearly shirtless outfits.

ATEEZ’s Jongho Proves Coachella To Be “One Hell Of A Night” With Jaw-Dropping Live Vocals

One aspect of the performance that many were grateful for was the live broadcast that aired on Coachella‘s YouTube channel, allowing fans worldwide to watch the performance.

However, the camerawork and stage lighting for the show left much to be desired.

Fans and non-fans couldn’t help but notice the camera first was zoomed in too close, creating awkward shots and transitions. During “Crazy Form,” parts were missed entirely, such as Hongjoong’s rap.

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This happened several times during the performance, with the too-close focus missing key parts of the group’s choreography.

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ATEEZ are known for putting on massive, awe-inspiring stage productions, like the “From The Wonderland” performance during Kingdom, where Seonhwa slayed (both literally and figuratively) the Kraken.

The group’s “Wonderland” performance at Coachella brought back the Kraken. While the focus during Seonghwa’s sword solo was rightfully placed, the camerawork missed some impressive stage shots before that moment to give the entire production ATEEZ deserved.

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During the show, fans couldn’t help but talk about the poor camerawork while praising ATEEZ’s impressive performance.

whoever is doing the camerawork for ateez at coachella needs to be fired immediately

— mars (@elisenchanted) April 13, 2024

the camerawork didn’t do justice but the stage is a beautiful piece of art! it’s so ateez coded waaaa#CHELLATEEZ #Coachella
#ATEEZ @ATEEZofficial pic.twitter.com/wDNZJtjdDU

— desa (@gleetiny) April 13, 2024

this camerawork is the worst i’ve seen in a long time. my god. can coachella camera operators go take an internship in korea to get better at this because 🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨

that aside omg these intros and ments were amazing i can’t deal with this #ATEEZCHELLA #CHELLATEEZ pic.twitter.com/PV1e3YguUu

— MIA2K Podcast (@MIA2Kpodcast) April 13, 2024

Bro…the camera work for this Ateez set is offensively bad. I feel real fucking bad for them/fans.

— Lisa⁷ (@PlacesBetween) April 13, 2024

Hopefully, next weekend’s camerawork will be better, as we already know ATEEZ’s performance will be great!

 The group’s stunning performance made up for it, though! 

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