Fighter star Hrithik Roshan opens up on Vikram Vedha’s poor box office performance for the first time


Hrithik Roshan is basking in the success of Fighter which has zoomed past Rs 200 crore at the worldwide box office. The movie has also minted Rs 100 crore plus in India alone. The Siddharth Anand movie is an aerial action film. It also stars Deepika Padukone, Anil Kapoor, Karan Singh Grover and Akshay Oberoi in key roles. Hrithik Roshan recently opened up on love from the audience, box office collections and success and failures at the movies. Catch up on all the latest Entertainment News updates only on BollywoodLife’s WhatsApp channel.

Fighter star Hrithik Roshan on audience’s love and more

In an interview with an online entertainment news portal, Hrithik Roshan was asked whether the love that he receives for each of his movies is quantifiable or intangible. The actor shared that it is both. He shares it is what fills one up. Hrithik went on to elaborate his point. He talked about tasting both success and failure in the movie business. He talked about experiencing movies which have not performed well at the box office but have received immense love and adulation from fans nonetheless. He feels he has done something good when it becomes a part of the legacy. Citing an example, he shared that if his movie makes Rs 300 crore but his performance is not good, it doesn’t fill him up in the way that one’s heart fills up, Hrithik tells Pinkvilla. Hence, Hrithik feels that both are important. However, he cannot pick one that will fill his heart more.

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Hrithik Roshan opens up on the failure of Vikram Vedha

Hrithik Roshan has no qualms about Vikram Vedha‘s box office collection. He talked about how the movie had no box office. He shared that the numbers were abysmal. “It was a big flop. But my work was appreciated so much that it gave me strength. It validated me. It encouraged me. And especially because it didn’t do well, it says even more. I kind of feel stronger,” he said. The actor says his mission is his growth and not box office collections. If people appreciate his work in movies irrespective of the box office, it adds to his growth. Fighter has taken a slow start on its first Monday. The movie might pick up again on the weekend.

 Hrithik Roshan has opened up on tasting success and failure at box office. He has opened up on the poor performance of Vikram Vedha as well. 

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