FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena To Participate In The Billboard Music Awards, ATTRAKT Confirms


On October 19, K-Pop group FIFTY FIFTY‘s agency, ATTRAKT, terminated the exclusive contracts of three now-former members, Aran, Sio, and Saena.

FIFTY FIFTY, before contract terminations | @we_fiftyfifty/Instagram

A representative from the agency said, “We have secured clear evidence of tempering collusion between the three members and The Givers representative Ahn Sung Il (also known as Siahn), and legal action is planned accordingly.”

Considering the three members’ contract violations, dissemination of false facts, and defamation of the agency, this was inevitable.


Meanwhile, after the news of FIFTY FIFTY’s nomination for Top Duo/Group at the Billboard Music Awards on October 27, the topic of whether or not the remaining member, Keena, will participate in the award ceremony has become a hot topic.

Text Messages From 2022 Between FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena And ATTRAKT CEO Show The Relationship Between Him And The Group

A representative from the agency briefly replied, “Keena will be participating in the Billboard Music Awards.”

Honored to be a finalist at this year’s #BBMAs
HUNNIES, tune in Sunday, November 19 via @BBMAs, @billboard and!

— FIFTY FIFTY Official (@we_fiftyfifty) October 27, 2023

In addition, a representative from ATTRAKT said, “ATTRAKT has all the know-how and content production capabilities of the group, FIFTY FIFTY, and we plan to reorganize the group and present it to the public together with Keena.”

FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena | @we_fiftyfifty/Instagram

Read more about Keena’s interview with Dispatch that unveiled Ahn Sung Il’s manipulation and gaslighting of the group:

Dispatch’s Exclusive Interview With FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena Unveils Ahn Sung Il’s Manipulation And Gaslighting

 The agency also confirmed Keena will be a part of a “reorganized group.” 

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