Fifth-Generation Idol’s Vocals Are So Beautiful No Video Can Ever Do It Justice


Recently, an online community post garnered attention for ZEROBASEONE Taerae’s amazing vocals.

태래 이렇게 연습실에서 무반주로 부를 때 성량 좋아서 짱짱하게 목소리 울려퍼지는 거 너무 좋아…

— (@traelxve) March 2, 2024

I love Taerae’s unaccompanied vocals when he sings in the practice room like this. His voice is so strong and resonates throughout the room.

His voice gives off a certain atmosphere, especially in live performances.

태래가 말아주는 스토커 폼 미쳤다
태래야 내가 이거 듣고 어떠한 결심을 해버렸어,,

— 므엫•ㅁ• (@ppeeaaww) August 15, 2023

Taerae singing ‘Stalker’ is just crazy. When I heard this, I made up my mind on something…

Most recently, Taerae sang a cover of “Rewrite the Stars” at Music Bank in Antwerp and received a positive response from fans.

태래 보컬차력쇼… 너무 좋아…

— comet (@comet_714) April 20, 2024

TAERAE AND SOHEE KILLED IT #ZB1 #Riize #MusicBank_in_Antwerp

— 산’s 리타 ♡ PCD (@dimplemonstr) April 20, 2024

Netizens agreed that no video could ever capture the true beauty of Taerae’s live vocals!

Netizen comments | Instiz “His vocals that can take over the large Gocheok stadium…His performance of ‘Stalker’ was truly legendary.” “Seriously, all the videos taken from concerts are different from listening to his voice in concert. You have to see it live to hear his true vocals.” “His ‘Stalker’ performance was so crazy.” “I agree, there are no videos that capture his raw vocals that you can only experience at a concert.”

Hopefully Zeroses’ all get a chance to experience his live vocals in concert!

 You have to go to a live concert to fully experience it! 

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