Fifth-Generation Idol Under Fire For Likening K-Pop Fans To Domestic Abuse Victims In Shocking Rant


K-Soul has been revealed to have likened K-Pop fans to victims of domestic abuse.


On March 6, Fantasy Boys member K-Soul’s livestream went viral. In the original video that was uploaded, the idol spoke about a different idol who allegedly had a girlfriend.

There’s a member in that group who’s dating. He brought his girlfriend to an outdoor event, to a club, and even groped her butt there. But he was able to win on a music show.

— K-Soul

In the shared video, the idol lamented how it “Wasn’t fair” that idols who had girlfriends weren’t canceled.

I searched their hashtag and saw a comment that said, ‘He has a girlfriend, but I still really like him, what should I do?’ I was like, Hmm…fine. This is very unfair to the guys who work hard in the practice room just for that one chance to get noticed by everyone.

— K-Soul

As the video went viral, many fans commented their thoughts. One netizen then called out the uploader for editing parts of the video.

How come you haven’t included the part when he said fans who like idols that date will get abused once they get married?

The netizen then posted a video showing K-Soul claiming fans of idols who are in relationships will likely be victims of domestic abuse.

I don’t understand it. Get ready to get cheated on while you’re in a relationship and get abused while you’re in a marriage, then. I really don’t understand it.

— K-Soul

As the video sparked backlash, some fans tried to defend the idol’s inappropriate comments, but many were unconvinced.

He didn’t mean it that way, don’t trust the reposts. What K-Soul meant was, ‘The fans who are okay with their idols dating probably would be okay with cheating and domestic abuse.’ Don’t take it out of context. He didn’t put a curse on anyone. I watched the broadcast from the beginning to the end. It’s not good to take it out of context. I saw the video. ‘Get ready to…’ is not matter of whether they’re okay with it, but a matter of whether they’ll experience it. If it’s just like what you said, then of course there’s no issue, but wasn’t he saying if you like idols who like to date, then you have to get ready to experience being cheated on and abused? Isn’t that putting a curse on someone?

What are your thoughts?

 The idol also claimed he saw another idol’s girlfriend. 

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