Fifth-Generation Idol Exposes Another Idol For Allegedly Being Intimate With His Girlfriend


Fantasy Boys‘ member K-Soul alleged that he saw an idol get intimate with his girlfriend.


On March 6, Fantasy Boys member K-Soul’s livestream went viral.

In the stream, the idol alleged that he knew a boy group member who had brought his girlfriend to an event.

There’s a member in that group who’s dating. He brought his girlfriend to an outdoor event, to a club, and even groped her butt there.

— K-Soul

The idol went on to reveal that some fans knew about the idol’s girlfriend but that they didn’t care and claimed that this wasn’t fair to the idols who don’t date.

But he was able to win on a music show. I searched their hashtag and saw a comment that said, ‘He has a girlfriend, but I still really like him, what should I do?’ I was like, Hmm…fine. This is very unfair to the guys who work hard in the practice room just for that one chance to get noticed by everyone.

— K-Soul

What are your thoughts?

 The idol’s claims are quickly going viral. 

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