Fendi Designer’s “Inappropriate” Hand Placement On IVE’s Yujin Sparks Controversy


A Fendi designer’s actions towards IVE‘s Yujin have sparked a hot debate.

IVE’s Yujin | @_yujin_an/Instagram

On February 21 (local time), Yujin attended an event for Fendi for Milan Fashion Week. The idol looked beautiful in a yellow and tan dress, perfectly showcasing her beauty and proportions.

Yujin at the Fendi show | @fendi/Instagram

As expected, the idol looked beautiful throughout the event, showing off her charm and visuals to all those in attendance and fans following from around the world.

[Video could not be displayed]

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Yet, one video has sparked outrage amongst fans. During the event, Yujin took some photos with Fendi designer Kim Jones and while the cameras were getting their shots, netizens noticed that he put his hand on Yujin’s waist, quite low down.

[Video could not be displayed]| @i_D/Twitter

When the video was posted, it immediately sparked a debate online. Some tried to defend the actions, explaining that it is more normal in Western culture and that Yujin wasn’t a child where she couldn’t share her feelings if she was uncomfortable. Many added that Kim Jones is married and that they have known each other for it not to be weird.

Can people stop overacting the man is married and gay https://t.co/U6db0tP6Hb pic.twitter.com/gQ263M5SWn

— ….. IA (@naoislei) February 21, 2024

why yall always gotta ruin these idols reputations just cause YALL find it weird, Yujin already knows the customs of European countries and has met him so many times already, yall are embarrassing her and if this blows out of proportion it’s gonna be Yujin who has to apologize https://t.co/E2LSKJQp1p

— nicola ౨ৎ (@itzynomb) February 21, 2024

Yet, most fans couldn’t hide their anger, explaining that it was just respect not to place his hand in such an inappropriate place. Despite his relationship status or sexuality, fans shared that he didn’t need to place his hand there and considering Korean culture, he should be aware that it isn’t as normal.

he need to move that fucking hand. https://t.co/Qa1MAral2r

— cousin & hasoola hoop & kim lip (@bIackvIvet) February 21, 2024

“calm down he’s gay” yes and his hand is still way too low. respect is important no matter your gender and sexual orientation, he’s still a grown adult putting his hand where it has no reason to be. y’all touch much younger strangers like this? https://t.co/MKoaB8Z8kb

— mau (@jellyiren) February 21, 2024

Can you tell me where in the world this is normal? If it is in a work environment, even more so, personal space must be respected. and I’m not saying it because she’s yujin, I’m saying it because she is a woman and a person, she deserves respect.

— Tami 따미 (@Tamiyoru) February 21, 2024

Out of all places and he chose to put his hand there?

— SonesLoveSoshi (@soneslovesoshi) February 21, 2024

remember when men pretended to respect women with the hover hand? Can they go back to that please

— 女 (@Commacommacomm1) February 22, 2024

For many fans, it seems respectful to be mindful of hand placement. In Korea, it is often seen where males will hover their hands to be careful, which made many fans shocked about the video.

 Many thought it was disrespectful. 

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