Female Nurses Trap A Man Inside The Restroom After Catching Him Film Women Secretly


Recently, a man in his 20s was caught filming women illegally inside a restroom. According to reports, the ones who captured the man were two female nurses.

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According to reports on November 18, a police station in Seoul’s Gangnam area received a report that said a man was taking illegal pictures in the women’s restroom. The callers also notified the authorities that the suspect was trapped inside the restroom to prevent any escape attempts.

The incident occurred on November 14 in the bathroom of a non-residential commercial building in Gangnam around 5:30 pm. According to the police, the man, Mr. A, sneaked into the women’s restroom an hour before the crime. He was reportedly hiding in a toilet stall, filming women by holding a camera above the stalls next to him.

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A startled victim came running out of the bathroom asking for help, and two nurses working at the hospital on the same floor rushed to her. Upon hearing what happened, they quickly grabbed the bathroom door handle and prevented Mr. A from running away.

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The police arrived shortly, three minutes after receiving the report, and arrested Mr. A. He admitted to the illegal filming but claimed to have deleted the footage. Currently, the police are investigating the incident and have booked Mr. A on charges of illegal filming. Based on the mobile phone forensics review, additional charges might be added later.

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While the issue of hidden camera filming is a huge concern in South Korea, netizens couldn’t help praising those nurses for their bravery. The fact that the man himself got trapped inside the washroom while trying to film women was deemed a satisfactory payback by many.

| @insight.co.kr/Instagram “Did he actually erase the footage… or just sent it somewhere else…” “” “Serves him right…Kudos to the nurses ”

| @insight.co.kr/Instagram “There are an average of 17.7 cases of hidden cameras being found in bathrooms and subways daily with 87% of the victims being found to be women, and yet so many online communities insist that women are victimizing themselves, that our fear is unwarranted” “ㅋㅋㅋ It’s f*cking hilarious that they locked him in there ㅋㅋㅋ” “Please honor the bravery of these nurses by making sure he is properly punished…”  They ran to rescue the victim. 

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