“F*CK ARMY!” — TikTokers’ Viral Comments About “Delusional” K-Pop Fans Triggers A Debate


K-Pop fan culture is something that has both negative and positive aspects to it. Fans often find enjoyment and community in K-Pop, engaging in harmless acts of showing support.


On the negative side, fans can sometimes take things too far, making idols uncomfortable with their actions.

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Recently, comments from several influencers launched a debate on fandom culture.

In a recently posted video, TikToker @viettrap (Viet Trap) talked about his beginnings on the app, mentioning that his primary audience was K-Pop fans. In the past, he posted frequent videos speaking negatively about these followers, and this new one was meant to serve as a reminder.



♬ original sound – Viet Trap

When I first blew up on this app, I had like a lot of K-Pop stans as my audience, and I f*cking — you know, you know what I’m talking about. Where they’re like ‘ARMY, BTS, Jungkook, I’m not happy unless he’s happy, he lives for us.’ I’m like, he doesn’t even know you’re alive. But then, I woke up everyday for like a straight year, and I was like ‘If you’re a K-Pop stan, Imma be the dogsh*t out of you. I did that for like a straight year. Just f*cking remove them from my fan base. And I haven’t said it in a while but it’s like, you guys have a mental disease, I hope you know that. Get a life, bro, why are you spending time making edits? Get a job.

— @viettrap

Viet is also a cast member of the Under The Influence show, hosted by other influencers, @kanyewesther (Esther), @thekimwootak (Wootak), and Jeremy, owner and creator of Nectar Seltzer. One of the topics they recently discussed on the podcast was “Toxic KPOP Stan Culture.”

After being promoted by Jeremy, Viet talks about his distaste for K-Pop fans, as Wootak says he is not on his side in naming a specific fandom. When talking about stan culture overall, the hosts all agree that it is “delusional,” as idols are just doing their jobs.


Viet’s ready to go toe to toe with Army #podcast #viettrap #barchemistry #nectarhardseltzer #kpop #beef

♬ original sound – Under The Influence Show

On one hand, it is easy to see where Viet’s strong distaste stems. Often, Asian influencers are subjected to fetishization that can sometimes come from K-Pop fans on the app, and not everyone has to like all aspects of fan culture.

| @viettrap/TikTok

On the other hand, these comments can often lack nuance, grouping all fans of something unfairly. While many fans take things entirely too far by invading idols’ personal space, many appreciate K-Pop’s music and other fan aspects.

Saying that all K-Pop fans have “mental illness” is also ableist and is surprising to hear from Viet, who has publicly posted about his own mental health struggles.

| @viettrap/TikTok

Fandoms that are overwhelmingly filled with young girls and women are also talked about negatively more often than not for behaviors that are also done by other fandoms. For example, fans of sports teams have often turned to violence after the results of a game (both good and bad) and are rarely mocked for sporting memorabilia, like Viet is wearing in the podcast clip.

| @undertheinfluence.show/TikTok

While some aspects of “stan culture” are negative, it is usually best not to group everything related to it under a wide negative umbrella.

 There are good and bad parts of all fandoms. 

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