Farrey: Salman Khan’s niece Alizeh Agnihotri bags top honours in acting department from critics


In the realm of Bollywood debuts, one name is resonating with praise and stealing the spotlight Alizeh Agnihotri. The young actress has left an indelible mark with her compelling performance in the recently released film ‘Farrey,’ co-produced by Salman Khan Films. Starring alongside Zeyn Shaw, Sahil Mehta, Prasanna Bisht, Ronit Bose Roy, and Juhi Babbar Soni, Alizeh has emerged as the standout star, receiving rave reviews for her exceptional portrayal. Alizeh’s debut is nothing short of a revelation, with critics unanimously hailing her raw talent and natural acting prowess. Despite stepping into the demanding world of Bollywood, she effortlessly owns her de-glam role, leaving audiences in awe and disbelief that ‘Farrey’ is indeed her first cinematic venture.

Critics heap praise on Alizeh Agnihotri for Farrey

One reviewer captures the sentiment, stating, “Amongst the cast, Alizeh clearly stands out partly because her character is the one that is most fleshed out and partly because of her screen presence that makes her character relatable.” Another reviewer said, “Debutante Alizeh Is Brightest Spot In Middling Exercise. Alizeh is by far the brightest spot in Farrey. Her role is meaty and she does full justice to it.” Another acclaimed critic said, “Alizeh Agnihotri’s debut is an exam hall heist that scores a distinction.” Fans and critics alike are singing praises for Alizeh’s impeccable debut performance. One admirer expresses, “#Alizeh makes a super debut – doesn’t seem like it’s her first film. Her dialogues, emotions, expressions all landed perfectly… She is undoubtedly the find of the year.” Another acclaimed critic said, “Alizeh steals the show in this movie that surely gets full marks without any cheating” ‘Farrey’ takes audiences on a captivating journey from a high school drama to a heart-pounding thriller, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats and making them feel the heat of an exam. Alizeh’s ability to seamlessly navigate this transformation within the film speaks volumes about her versatility and promise as an actor. In cinemas now, ‘Farrey’ is a must-watch, not just for its gripping storyline but for the emergence of a new star in Bollywood Alizeh Agnihotri. Don’t miss the chance to witness her remarkable debut that has left an indelible mark on the film industry.

 Farrey: Salman Khan’s niece Alizeh Agnihotri wins praises for her fabulous work in her debut film. Critics feel she has passed with distinction marks 

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