Fansites Allegedly Fail To Show Up At aespa Karina’s First Public Appearance Since Dating News


It was previously reported that aespa’s Karina is dating actor Lee Jae Wook. The two fell in love reportedly at the Prada show they both attended in January 2024.

Following the news, Karina appeared for her first public schedule at a Krush event on February 29, 2024.

@_ 240229 KRUSH 🩵#aespa #에스파 #エスパ
#카리나 #カリナ #karina

— 𝙺 ྀི (@10hshs_) February 29, 2024

She looked absolutely gorgeous in blue.

She appeared confident and happy to see fans.

Some netizens commented that her fansites were not in full force on that day, relating it to the recent news.

Netizen comments. | Nate Pann

Netizens alleged that not a single fansite showed up that day.

Not a single flash from cameras haha… Only kids who took pics with their phones went. Her fansite masters didn’t show up. Yeah that’s true. The fansite masters worked hard all this while, so they would be just as disappointed. I can understand that. Normally, even just one person would go, but none went. Fascinating.

Even so, she received much love from her fans and the general public in attendance.

SOSOOOOO PRETTY i love her smile


— ⋆ (@jinniesbluu) February 29, 2024

We’re glad to see the star remains calm and collected despite all the recent buzz about her dating life!

 Could it be related to her dating news? 

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