Fans Shocked To Find Out That IVE Has Never Had A Single Dance Lesson After Debut


Girl group IVE is known for their flawless choreography and synchronized dance. The girl group is never caught slipping in the performance department.

IVE’s dance practice.

This was why it came as a surprise when Yujin revealed that she has never received a single dance lesson after debut. Although unconfirmed, it should be the likely case for the other members as well. Due to the group’s busy schedules, they only receive training relevant to their promotions.

유지니 데뷔하고 나서 춤은 한 번두 레슨 받아본 적이 없다고 (근데 왜 이렇게 잘해 우리 천재 아이돌 유진이 ) 기회가 되면 받아보구 싶다고 🫳🫳🫳 꾸준히 노력하는게 너무너무 기특해 🥹🥹

— 디비 (@andb_o901) November 20, 2023

Although trainees usually receive a plethora of classes, it seems like IVE might have stopped after debut. Yujin expressed interest in receiving lessons when she gets time.

If I get some time, I’m thinking of receiving lessons once. I’ve never received dance lessons separately, apart from those related to our promotions, after debut. I only receive lessons based on our promotions. Later if I get the chance to… yeah.

— Yujin

Netizens expressed their shock and disappointment in the company. Continuous lessons would be a way to ensure that the group continues to grow.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo They have to continue… Their company is so hopeless. It seems like they don’t have a performance director either, but their choreography teacher changes each time according to which choreography is chosen. After they learn the choreography, that’s the end tot the lessons and Ahn Yujin leads the practices, with the members giving each other feedback. Is this right? As in the video call, she said she wants to get lessons if she has time, but the problem is that Starship fills her schedule f*cking to the brim. She has the will to, but she has no time… Yujin’s good at dancing, so we’ll put that aside, but it’s such a pity because I can see that Liz will get so much better with just some push. It would be good for Rei to become more stable in her basics too. It’s obvious they aren’t taught even when you just watch their end-of-year performance videos. They’re at the level of just dancing by themselves after learning the choreography from the choreographer. There’s gotta be a limit to Ahn Yujin helping the others out while doing her own too. Please get a professional performance director, Starship. Everyone else has one, except IVE. They need someone to teach them the basics, then step-by-step per member, progressive lessons, and more. They can’t just have someone come to look over them once in awhile. They have so many idols, Starship is pathetic. IVE is really bad at dancing. They’re so incomparable to the new era

Yujin is known as the leader of the group. With more years of experience under her belt, she has been helping the other members with their dance moves.

 It is the usual norm for artists to continue their lessons. 

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