Fans React To BLACKPINK Jennie’s Adorable Plushie-Throwing Skills


BLACKPINK recently wrapped up their record-breaking BORN PINK world tour, finishing the event with a two-night event in Seoul on September 16 and 17. The members reportedly earned $163.8 million USD in revenue, making them the highest-grossing tour by a female artist debuting in the 2010s!

And not only was it a success financially, but memorably as well. The tour spanned over 24 countries and 34 cities, and over two million fans attended the shows. That’s a lot of great memories made for a lot of BLINKs!

BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

Recently, the adorable actions of Jennie were discussed on an online forum when a gif of her throwing plushies to fans during their concerts gained attention.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) | YG Entertainment

She really puts her whole body into her throwing abilities, trying to get the plushies to fans as far out into the audience as possible!

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Her reaction to fans catching the gifts also drew endearment from fans, with her sweet smile melting the hearts of everyone who sees it.

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On the post talking about her cute throwing skills, though, fans were also reminded of just how gorgeous Jennie was during the tour too.

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She went through a variety of different looks for the different stops of the tour, and she looked amazing in all of them, whether it was something more casual or more glam!

She really is the whole package in terms of duality.

| Pann Nate

Here’s how fans are reacting in the comments of the post.

Congratulations to BLACKPINK on such an incredibly successful world tour!

 She switches from cute to sexy with ease! 

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