Fans Rave Over SEVENTEEN’s Latest Title Track, “God Of Music”


On October 23, SEVENTEEN released their latest album, SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN, along with the music video for its title track, “God of Music”.

The title track gives us a return to “Freshteen”, a term used by SEVENTEEN fans to refer to the K-Pop group when they release bright, cheerful, fresh concepts that they’re so well-known and beloved for.

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Even S.Coups, who is on hiatus due to a torn ACL, was able to participate in the music video, much to the delight of fans!

cheol’s line plz..
“they say anything 4syllables is my name
kung chi pak chi is that my name too”

cheol’s iconic 99 names from mispronouncing s.coups that made it into scoups game saying 4 syllable words

— mi원우지 (@miwon17_) October 23, 2023

Overall, “God of Music” is just a fun, high-energy, feel-good song that has fans and non-fans alike raving, and deservedly so! It has even made SEVENTEEN the first K-Pop boy group in 2023 to reach #1 on the MelOn Top 100 chart (and the fastest group overall to reach #1 this year).

#SEVENTEEN becomes the first and only boygroup to reach #1 on MelOn TOP100 in 2023 with ‘God of Music’.

— Kpop Charts (@kchartsmaster) October 23, 2023

‘God of Music’ by #SEVENTEEN becomes the fastest Idol Group song to reach #1 on MelOn TOP100 in 2023 (4 hours).

— Kpop Charts (@kchartsmaster) October 23, 2023

On a Reddit post made for fans to discuss the new album and song, the comments are full of nothing but praise, admiration, and love for SEVENTEEN.

Similar comments are found on another forum post about “God of Music”, showing just how much this song is being enjoyed in different communities!

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN and “God of Music” so you don’t miss out on some great songs!


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