Fans Outraged At MODHAUS Banning ARTMS’s Heejin From Dying Her Hair


In a surprising revelation that has sparked outrage among fans, ARTMS and former LOONA member Heejin recently shared during an online fan sign event that her agency, MODHAUS, may be restricting her from changing her hair color. This news has brought to light the strict control that entertainment companies often exercise over their artists, leading to a wave of support for Heejin and criticism towards MODHAUS.

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During the fan sign event, a platform where fans can interact virtually with their favorite idols, Heejin expressed her desire to experiment with different hair colors, specifically mentioning grey, white, and pink.

#희진 #HeeJin #ARTMS #OURII #Loona Today‘s Agent Heejin
She said she would like to try different hair colors but sometimes can‘t due to the company’s rules

— JessieMa (@MJianning) December 2, 2023

However, she indicated that MODHAUS seems to have imposed a limitation, preferring her to maintain her natural black hair. This candid admission by Heejin has since sparked a significant reaction among her fanbase.

I want to try grey or white color, but I think my company [says] ‘No, you can’t… your color is black hair.

— Heejin

Heejin said she would like to try Gray or whatever and i told her that Pink will definitely suits her🥲
Modhaus plz let her‘s also our fans’ wish

— JessieMa (@MJianning) December 2, 2023

The fan community’s reaction to this revelation is multifaceted. Many fans feel that such control over personal appearance is an infringement of the artist’s freedom of expression. They argue that Heejin, as an artist, should have the freedom to decide on her appearance, especially something as personal and changeable as hair color.

heejin, a grown woman, is very aware of how to take care of her own hair

— peakaboo 𝜗𝜚 (@yvesntuate) December 3, 2023

In an industry like the K-Pop one, where idols often change their appearance as a form of self-expression and as a way to keep their image fresh and exciting, such restrictions are viewed negatively.

231126 #희진 #HeeJin

— heed. (@heed_heejin) November 26, 2023

Moreover, the incident has shed light on the broader issue of the often rigid and controlling nature of some entertainment companies in South Korea. Stories of agencies micromanaging various aspects of their idols’ lives – from diet and appearance to personal relationships — are not uncommon.

see like i can understand companies dictating an idols hair color when they’re rookies or minors but heejin …. is a grown woman who debuted seven years ago like this is what’s irking me… esp because she knows the company’s ceo like

— hii (@poppinlovee) December 2, 2023

WTF @jadenjeong let heejin dye her hair any color she wants

— cement bread (@kimhyjs) December 2, 2023

This control is typically justified in the name of maintaining a certain public image that aligns with the brand the company is trying to build. However, fans and netizens alike argue that this can be overbearing and detrimental to the well-being and artistic freedom of the idols.

| @0ct0ber19/Instagram

As the debate continues, one thing is clear: fans are increasingly advocating for the rights and freedoms of their favorite idols, signaling a shift in the dynamics between idols, their agencies, and their supporters.

 “My company [says] ‘No, you can’t…'” 

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