Fans Enraged As RIIZE Members Get Separated By Crowd In Yet Another Chaotic Airport Mob


In what seems to be a recurring nightmare, RIIZE faced yet another terrifying experience at Gimpo International Airport, sparking outrage among fans and onlookers. This incident is not the first of its kind for RIIZE, highlighting a troubling pattern of fan behavior that’s becoming all too common in the world of K-Pop.

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Previously, RIIZE had a distressing encounter at Incheon International Airport during their departure to Paris, where they were overwhelmed by an intense mob of fans. The situation was so chaotic that it drew significant online criticism and concern for the safety of both the group and the public.

아니 ㅁㅊ 이찬영 팬 미니까 밀지말라고 경호원 잡는 거임?????????????????? ㅎr…

— 이쓸유 (@BRZBHJ) January 14, 2024

The most recent incident at Gimpo International Airport was equally alarming. Fans crowded the airport, creating a dangerous situation as they pushed and shoved to get close to the band members.

this is actually terrifying sungchan had to walked quickly and the bodyguards keep screaming at the unlucky fans who chased him… god… i wish he and riize get enough space to walk comfortably at the airport this is so heartbreaking

— 𓇢𓆸 (@jscjinsu) January 29, 2024

In a particularly concerning moment, members Shotaro and Sohee got separated from the rest of the group. Shotaro was seen being pushed and mobbed by fans, a sight that was distressing not only to the onlookers but also to the Korean media, which reported on the situation with headlines emphasizing the severity of the chaos​​.

the other riize members got to the car safely, and seems like shotaro and sohee got separated from the rest, and shotaro got pushed and mobbed , sm previously released a statement for fans to not be at airports,

statements don’t work, enforcements do

— saf 🧋 (@tarosfile) January 29, 2024

“riize, airport paralysis, excessive deokjil (fangirling/stanning)”
“airport paralysis.. riize, entering country with hordes of people (인산인해, literally means that many people gather and form a mountain and sea)”

this is unacceptable, they have debuted for 4 months now and

— 넷 (@riize_net) January 29, 2024

This isn’t the first (or second) time RIIZE has faced such a situation. A similar incident occurred when the group returned from an Osaka fan meeting. Despite efforts by security personnel, they struggled to control the overwhelming crowd. Members Shotaro and Anton were notably affected, almost leading to accidents.

Fans and netizens have repeatedly expressed their frustration and concern over these incidents. They criticize the lack of effective security measures and the extreme behavior of some fans, which not only endangers the idols but also disrupts public order. These incidents have prompted calls for legal regulations and better management of fan interactions, especially in public spaces like airports​.

If you simply release the warning letter without taking action, RIIZE will still be mobbed at the airport, and their privacy will continue to be violated. SM, you can’t even protect a member of the group whose privacy is being violated, how will you protect the other six members?

— 메이누나 (@shsh_0221) January 29, 2024


Today (240129) RIIZE has been mobbed at the airport yet again. We decided to once again report this situation to SM Entertainment demanding for extra measures on RIIZE’s future airport security. We ask everyone to report this in…


Airport incidents like these are wake-up calls for both the industry and the fans, emphasizing the need for responsible behavior and the importance of respecting the personal space and safety of the idols they admire.

 International fans are extremely frustrated. 

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