Fans Divided Over RIIZE Wonbin’s Recent Transformation


RIIZE recently performed at SM Entertainment’s joint concert, SM Town In Tokyo. Visual member Wonbin showed off a new hairstyle that had fans divided.

His hair had been cut a little longer and styled into fluffy waves.

The poodle-esque style is hard for most people to pull off. With Wonbin’s visuals though, we can see it becoming a trend.

The look received mixed reviews.

Netizen comments. | Nate Pann If they can’t style it well, they should just cut it. F*ck, those b*ches. Seeing how they gave that to a visual, it seems like the handsome kids are suffering a lot these days. They have sasaengs sticking to them, and compared to the pay, the risk is higher. It’s better not to be an idol. FR, it looks this level of okay because it’s Wonbin… Please, take a look at the hair only after covering his face. It’s so serious… No but… They should at least trim it… What’s up with that…

Many prefer his straight, long bob from “Talk Saxy.”

On the other hand, some find it cute, and have compared it to various Sanrio characters.

| @luvnriize/X

What do you think?

 He switched up his hair. 

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