Fans Debate If aespa’s Winter Truly Looks Like This Hollywood Star Or Not


A netizen brought up the topic of aespa‘s Winter and her lookalikes. They found that she looked similar to old Hollywood star Sissy Spacek!

Sissy Spacek. | theqoo

In her prime, Sissy had honey-blond hair, huge eyes with deep double eyelids, a tall nose bridge, and thin lips.

Sissy Spacek. | imdb

Her nose is upturned at the end, making her nostrils very visible from the front.

Netizens found that Winter looked similar to her during her blond era.

They both oddly have a similar vibe.

Winter’s trademark blank expression during her debut days also reminds us of the actress.

Netizens were divided on the issue.

Netizen comments. | theqoo I see the parts that look alike. Huh? Not at all. I thought they did look alike somehow. It’s really mild, though. Huh? Where? I can kind of see it. Oh, I see it. I don’t know. Huh, FR, where?

What are your thoughts?

 What do you think? 

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