Fans Celebrate As NCT Taeyong’s “TAP” Enters The MelOn Top 100


On February 26, NCT‘s Taeyong released his second solo EP, TAP, with a title track and music video of the same name.

As can be expected from the quirky and talented idol, the song is a bit unconventional and not to everyone’s taste, but the majority of listeners seem to enjoy the catchy and light-hearted track!

The song even went viral thanks to the efforts of a fan who advertised “TAP” with a large sign while going around the streets of Seoul. Taeyong desperately sought out the fan in order to thank her, which he was eventually able to do!

Fan advertising “TAP” | The Qoo

Thanks to the song’s catchiness and the virality that it earned because of the fan, “TAP” was able to reach the MelOn Top 100, something that is notoriously difficult for male artists (especially soloists) to accomplish these days! At this time, it has peaked at #98.

After achieving this, Taeyong took to social media to thank fans for helping him accomplish it.

Thank you for the TOP100. It’s the first time with the song I wrote…Thank you for making such a record possible.

— Taeyong (NCT)

Here’s how fans are reacting to this impressive achievement!

Congratulations to Taeyong on reaching this milestone!


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