Fans Call Out ITZY’s Staff For Failing To Protect The Girls From An Invasive Fan


ITZY recently flew to China, Qingdao, for their schedule. As soon as they reached the airport, they were greeted by loyal and loving fans.

예지야 너무 예뻐
#있지 #예지 #ITZY #YEJI

— 辰 (@Rv08016) March 1, 2024

Not all fans were able to respect the boundaries between ITZY and themselves. As the girls were waiting to set off, they sat patiently in their vehicles. The staff seemed to have stepped away for awhile, leaving the girls unattended. While most fans kept their distance, in desperation, one fan reached into the fan to pass their letter to Yeji.

full video of what happened: fans at the airport were very close to the car with the door wide open, and a fan decided to reach inside to give their letter to yeji

where is the security and why did the fans not leave a safe distance between them??

— purdy 퍼디 (@ryujinworld_) March 2, 2024

Yuna looked visibly shocked that the fan would reach into their private space.

Other fans expressed their concern for the girls.

i undrstnd that they are rlly loving the girls but indirectly they are starting to not respect the artists privacy, and lack of security is also a problem here.

— e. (@earliiy) March 2, 2024

If the fan had other intentions apart from simply passing on a letter, things could have gotten dangerous.

Bro this is wild. This situation could be dangerous for both artists and fans. Security/bodyguard team pls do your job properly

— jutdwae (@biniejutdae) March 2, 2024

Just what were their security detail up to during this time?

WHERE ARE THE SECURITY??????? this is so invasive and dangerous @jypnation @ITZYofficial

— j (@muumiyuna) March 2, 2024

Fans are absolutely angered at the lack of protection for the girls on the company’s end.


 The fan crossed the line. 

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