Fan Who Pooped In Their Pants At The “2024 Hanteo Music Awards” Steps Forward


On February 18, 2024, reports of an audience member pooping at the 2024 Hanteo Music Awards went viral on social media. “Person who pooped” became a trending tweet on X. Many idols at the show were also seen blocking their mouths and nose at the stench.

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Other audience members also complained of the foul stench.

한터 가대석쪽 스탠딩에 누가 똥을 싸놨대.. 경호원이 보러 왔는데 확인결과 똥이네요 하고 갔다는데 ㅆㅂ

— 도리룽룽 (@twitfordori) February 18, 2024

Someone pooped at the standing area near the waiting area for the singers… They said that a security guard came to check, and they confirmed that it was poop. F*ck.

— twitfordori

It was made worse as the poop could not be cleaned. The singers and audience members had to endure the stench until after the show ended.

ㅅㅂ 시큐가 똥 맞다고 그러고 후레쉬로
비춰보고 근데 치울 수 없대 어쩔 수 없대
냄새는 ㅈㄴ 나고 한터 차트 ㅅㅂ 이거 밖에
기억에 안 남아

— 랑애 (@myuniverse802) February 18, 2024

F*ck the security guard said that it was indeed poop, and they shined a flashlight on it. But they said they can’t clean it, so they said it couldn’t be helped. It f*cking stank and this was my only lasting memory of the HMAs.

— myuniverse802

A netizen finally stepped up to apologize to everyone, claiming to have been the pooper. What had happened was that they had pooped their pants.

한터 똥 스탠딩 화장실

안녕하세요 한터차트 공연장에서 바지에 변을 본 본인입니다.. 트위터를 보며 저때문에 많은 분들이 힘듦을 겪으셨음을 알게되었습니다. 많은 분들께 불편함을 안겨드려 죄송합니다. 오늘 일 되새기며 반성하겠습니다. 다시 한 번 좋은 날 죄송합니다.

— 수녀 좆 (@Sunyeo511698Vip) February 18, 2024

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Hello. I am the person who pooped their pants at the Hanteo Charts arena… I realized that many people had suffered because of me as I looked through Twitter. I’m sorry for inconveniencing many people. I will remember today’s incident and reflect. I’m sorry once more [for ruining] a good day.

— sunyeo511698vip

They vowed to reflect on their misdeeds and apologized to everyone present.

 They had pooped their pants. 

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