Fan Exposing ZEROBASEONE Kim Jiwoong’s Controversial Videocall Re-Emerges Following WAKEONE’s Response


Following WAKEONE‘s response regarding ZEROBASEONE member Kim Jiwoong‘s controversial video call with a fan, in which his “attitude” has been accused of being unprofessional…

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…the “Original Poster” fan stepped forward, defending themselves from the backlash they have received since the exposé.

ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong Allegedly Caught Cursing After A Video Call With A Fan “Ends”

The fan explained that the initial “ill-timed” statement that came from WAKEONE has sparked groundless rumors about them, accusing them of being a “sasaeng” targeted by the statement.

Fans Question The “Suspicious Timing” Of WAKEONE’s Sudden Statement Following Kim Jiwoong’s Attitude Controversy

Hello. This is WAKEONE.

Recently, falsely created contents about our artists have been circulating on online communities and various social media. As per the previous notices we have uploaded, the company will be responding to crimes that violate artists’ personal rights and privacy and threaten their safety with the principle of zero tolerance.

Through the lawfirm Sejong, the company has filed a lawsuit with an investigative agency against the people who have visited our artists’ dorm, on charges of trespassing someone’s home. The investigation of the case is underway.

In addition, we have also filed a lawsuit with the police regarding the people that illegally obtained our artists’ personal information and have tried contacting or calling the artists. A portion of the investigations against the perpetrators have finished. Regarding the cases about those that have tried threatening our artists, investigations are underway after being issued with a court search warrant.

As for those who have been creating and circulating contents containing lies related to our artists, even if it takes time, we will reveal the truth through digital forensics on imaes, video, and audio. We wish to tell you once again that we will use all means necessary to protect our artist.

In addition, in the future, we will be taking strong legal action without any compromise or leniency, against those who spread false information and leaves malicious comments, so as to prevent similar situations from happening again.

The company promises to put in every effort so as to protect our artists and the loving fans from harm.

Thank you.


The fan also asked the internet to stop spreading misinformation about the situation, insisting that their clip is “clear evidence.”


— .. (@81930287a) February 3, 2024

Hello, I’m posting again because I’m being targeted with groundless rumors and unreasonable hate attacks.

I don’t understand the timing of WAKEONE’s statement about sasaeng break-ins and malicious rumors that has nothing to do with what happened to me. It came right after I shared the clip… but I’m not the sasaeng that broke in to their dorm. I’m not the fan that tried to get in contact with the member(s) and spread rumors. But because of the statement, I was assumed to be one of those fans. People started accusing me of being a sasaeng and commenting that I deserved to be cursed out.

People are attacking me, insisting that Kim Jiwoong treated me so because I’m a disgusting sasaeng and because I’m hideous. Some of them are also accusing me of having talked about his past BL webdrama, which I didn’t. None of those things are true. I was a normal fan whose bias was Kim Jiwoong.

I re-watched the clip countless times, thinking and hoping that I’d heard wrong. Then, I re-watched it another billion times, convinced that I’d said something wrong or made the wrong facial expression. But I wasn’t at fault. I don’t know what made him curse at me like that. I’m so sad.

I saw the other statement claiming that WAKEONE checked with Kim Jiwoong and other staff members there, and that he never said what he said. But the video call was a week ago. The clip is clear evidence. Yet, WAKEONE is going to believe the member and staff’s memories and insist that it didn’t happen? Just how…

This is unfair. I’m so miserable because I feel like the management is attempting to blame me for the rumors and gaslighting me into thinking it’s all MY fault. Please stop attacking me, calling me a sasaeng or commenting that I’m hideous. Or that I must’ve said something to Kim Jiwoong about his BL webdrama to trigger such a response. Stop spreading false information. Thanks for reading.

— @81930287a/Twitter

When the fan first posted the clip, WAKEONE threatened legal action against “various crimes” being committed against ZEROBASEONE. After the initial statement received backlash, WAKEONE responded via MK Sports that the accusation—that Kim Jiwoong cursed during a video call with a fan—is “not true.”

WAKEONE Responds To ZEROBASEONE Kim Jiwoong’s Videocall Attitude Controversy

 Previously, WAKEONE claimed that Kim Jiwoong did not curse at the end of the call. 

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