Fact Check: NCT’s Taeyong Wore Rat Shoes


NCT‘s Taeyong is known for his affinity for unusual and oversized shoes.


But some netizens think he’s taken it too far…

Photos of “rat shoes” have recently gone viral across TikTok, with K-Pop fans saying Taeyong has “gone too far.” Netizens were shocked to see Taeyong’s alleged choice of footwear.

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Yet, NCTzens couldn’t find photos of Taeyong wearing these shoes on his social media accounts. So, when did Taeyong wear rat shoes?

| @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

He didn’t. The “Rat” slides are a new creation by designer and bootlegger Imran Potato, which has just garnered attention online.

“Rat” Slides by Imran Potato (2023) pic.twitter.com/X0TsM4MNDf

— Outlander Magazine (@StreetFashion01) November 7, 2023

Previously, Imran Potato created realistic “caveman” shoes.

We definitely could imagine Taeyong rocking either of these!

 Would you wear them? 

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