Fact Check — Did IU Date Korean Olympian Fencer’s Ex-Boyfriend?


Korean Olympic Fencer Nam Hyun Hee was recently pulled into the spotlight when her now ex-fiancé was revealed to be a scammer. Jeon Chang Jo, approached Nam Hyun Hee as a woman before later expressing that he has transitioned. Nam loved him wholeheartedly and moved into his luxury apartment. Later, it was found out that he had been using her name and fame to scam other people. More can be read below.

Olympic Athlete’s Fiancé Was Exposed As A Fraud — It Turns Out His Father Is A Scammer, Too

Jeon attended a court hearing on January 24, 2024. It was revealed that Nam’s cousin had been dragged down by the situation after being introduced to Jeon’s “bodyguard” by Nam. They began dating. The “bodyguard” was also charged when it was determined that he aided and abetted Jeon’s scheme by pretending to be Jeon’s bodyguard and corroborating Jeon’s claims of being a chaebol heir.

Jeon Chang Jo.

Both Nam’s cousin and the “bodyguard” were thoroughly hoodwinked by Jeon. They believed Jeon’s lies about dating IU. IU is a top star in South Korea. Jeon claimed to be dating IU and even moved in with IU in a luxury apartment. This lie continued when Jeon found out that Nam’s daughter loved IU. He promised them VIP tickets to her concert through personal ties, when he ended up trying to buy them instead.

Jeon told many outrageous lies that were later uncovered. Amongst the most unbelievable was when he claimed to be a 3rd generation chaebol.


 He claimed to have moved in with the star. 

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