Fact Check: Are LE SSERAFIM Working On A Collab With Popular Multi-Player Game “Overwatch”?


In the world of pop culture, every now and then, a collaboration between seemingly different domains creates a buzz that’s hard to ignore. One such potential alliance is being speculated between the prominent girl group LE SSERAFIM and the colossal online multiplayer first-person shooter game Overwatch.

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Overwatch, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, is a team-based shooter game where players are assigned into two teams of six, with each player selecting from a roster of over 30 characters, known as “heroes.” Each hero has a unique style of play, and players must coordinate with their teammates to secure or defend control points on a map or escort a payload across the map in a limited amount of time. The game has garnered a massive fan base since its launch in 2016, owing to its engaging gameplay, diverse character roster, and continual updates from Blizzard.

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Now, onto the buzz that’s sending waves across both gaming and music forums: a possible collaboration between LE SSERAFIM and Overwatch. The whispers began circulating due to two main instances that fans have been quick to connect.

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Firstly, in a recent teaser clip posted by LE SSERAFIM on YouTube, eagle-eyed fans spotted what appears to be the Overwatch logo on a car featured in the clip. Although the sighting is alleged, the logo’s resemblance has sent fans into a speculative frenzy regarding a potential crossover. LE SSERAFIM’s own group logo at the beginning of the clip has a pixelated animation to it, adding even more fuel to the theory.

The members of Le Sserafim were also pictured wearing the #Overwatch2 x Gentle Monster collaboration eyewear earlier this year.

Now, the logo can be spotted on the back of the car.

Image Credit: @elsserafim pic.twitter.com/J4Ct0svYiO

— Overwatch Cavalry (@OWCavalry) October 11, 2023

What appears to be the logo for the game “Overwatch” was seen in the car shown in the teaser


— joe (@elsserafim) October 11, 2023

Secondly, adding fuel to the fire, Sakura, one of the group members, recently inquired from fans about which Overwatch character they’d recommend for her to play. This seemingly innocent query has led fans to wonder if there’s more to it, possibly hinting at an upcoming collaboration. Though soon after Sakura replied to her post saying the question isn’t a spoiler, fans think this may just be another way the idol is teasing them.

So Sakura really dropped a big spoiler before..but no one thought that spoiler seriously..LE SSERAFIM x Overwatch collaboration for their new release song pic.twitter.com/mRLt3v7lDE

— Mila is semi IA (@milkkura39) October 11, 2023

In another instance, Sakura also replied with a gaming controller to a fan who asked her to drop a spoiler.

So Sakura really dropped a big spoiler before..but no one thought that spoiler seriously..LE SSERAFIM x Overwatch collaboration for their new release song pic.twitter.com/mRLt3v7lDE

— Mila is semi IA (@milkkura39) October 11, 2023

The excitement surrounding these hints is palpable, as a collaboration of this magnitude would be a monumental fusion of the gaming and K-Pop realms. The synergy could introduce a fresh wave of aesthetics and storytelling, bridging the gap between two massive fan bases.

#LE_SSERAFIM x Overwatch?

OVERWATCH is a videgame, the
Member already post for them in august and now Yunjin and Sakura ask help to choose a character.

This could be nothing or a spoiler for a potential collab for an OST.

What do you thinks fearnot? #Overwatch2 #SAKURApic.twitter.com/9CelgAyO47


Moreover, the significance of this speculated collaboration extends beyond mere entertainment. It could be a brilliant marketing strategy for both parties involved. For Overwatch, it could mean a revival or spike in player engagement, while for LE SSERAFIM, it could signify a broader global recognition, especially among the gaming community.


This LE SSERAFIM Comeback is deffinetly connected with games or Game Concept???

Members Overwatch 2 insta post
Kkura WV spoiler
Pixelated logo
Overwatch logo #LE_SSERAFIM #르세라핌 pic.twitter.com/Q1LoQNk7aZ

— ʚSSERAFIMERSɞ (@Sserafimers) October 11, 2023

The theories, as enticing as they are, remain unconfirmed as of now. Both Blizzard Entertainment and Source Music haven’t released any official statements regarding the rumored collaboration. The anticipation continues to build as fans eagerly wait for any confirmation or denial from the involved parties.


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