Evidence That TREASURE’s Jaehyuk Is In A Relationship Surfaces, His Alleged Girlfriend Responds


TREASURE‘s Jaehyuk was the recent target of dating rumors.

TREASURE’s Jaehyuk | KBS

Recently, netizens compiled “evidence” of Jaehyuk’s alleged relationship, including posts from his supposed girlfriend.

Posts from the alleged girlfriend were compared to posts from Jaehyuk on platforms like Instagram and Weverse, with netizens pointing out the similarities between the idol and the man in the pictures posted.

| TREASURE/Weverse

A Google Drive of evidence was also shared, showing outfits and jewelry in the alleged girlfriend’s posts that match things that Jaehyuk has worn or wears. One photo shows her wearing a jacket similar to Jaehyuk’s, which he was seen wearing as he headed to Osaka.

Fans of Jaehyuk have stated that the evidence appears to be edited and have done detective work to do so. A photo in the document shared by the alleged girlfriend was shown to be edited to match photos of Jaehyuk, with fans sharing the original photo.

The original woman in the photo, an influencer on Instagram, posted a screenshot of the original tweet making the accusations, saying that her boyfriend is not an idol. When going through her account, the original photo of her and her boyfriend can be seen in its unaltered state, in addition to other photos.

| @05.23/Instagram

What’s this… My boyfriend isn’t an idol lolololol. I was relaxing and then was surprised lol, it’s crazy.

— Influencer

| @05.23/Instagram

With this discovery and announcement, it is likely the other photos were similarly stolen to fuel the dating rumor.

This rumor became a hot topic, likely due to TREASURE’s upcoming Single’s Inferno-style dating show, which you can read more about below.

TREASURE’s “Single’s Inferno” Style Dating Show Trailer Receives Very Mixed Reactions From Netizens


 Fans quickly got to the bottom of the rumors. 

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