Eric Nam’s Management’s Statement On Recent Criticism Is Not Well-Received By Netizens


As of late, Eric Nam has been the target of backlash from netizens over a post regarding the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis.

Eric Nam | Vogue Philippines

In early October, it was discovered that Eric liked an Instagram post that expressed a neutral stance over the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis.

The viral post reads, “It is absolutely reasonable and logical to be opposed to the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY calling for the protection of Jews in Israel and around the world…

and fuck eric nam

— lalaఌ (@justyongyoung) October 15, 2023

The post’s neutral standpoint left many netizens feeling uneasy as they felt it did not highlight the severity of the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

anything other than supporting the victims of literal genocide rn makes you a piece of shit to me idc how many times y’all bring up how “nuanced” it is. its free Palestine or shut the fuck up.

— antifascist wonho (@jungleosbian) October 17, 2023

In the time following this surge of criticism, Eric’s brother, Eddie Nam, who is also his manager, released a short statement regarding the liked post.

The statement was released on October 19, after the liked post made its rounds online. In Eric’s Nam Nation discord, Eddie Nam left a message stating that Eric would not comment on the matter any time soon and that there was little point in clarifying anything on the internet these days.

“Hi all – just wanted to pop in and say that Eric is not going to able to comment on this matter any time soon.

It hurts to see these accusations, but there is little point in trying to clarify anything on the internet these days.

Anyone who knows Eric knows his heart.

The team and I are with him, so please do not worry.
Thank you guys and so much love to you all”

— Eddie Nam

With Discord forums being private, many did not see the statement until recently, when a netizen shared it online. Many criticized the statement, especially after having requested to speak for himself on the matter.

this is a reminder to NOT support ANY content from dive studios.
eric nam & eddie nam are BOTH zionists. they’ve seen all people asking for eric to speak up but they choose to stay silent with the excuse that people know “eric’s heart”. all i know is that eric nam is a zionist.

— jhu (@suhjiaer) October 27, 2023

Be fucking serious Eddie.

“there is little point in clarifying anything on the Internet these days” clarifying wouldn’t be an issue if he wasn’t a zionist.

— ⁷KIRSTY.CM⁸ᴹᵒᵒⁿᵇᶦⁿ (@JKJeonEuphoria) October 28, 2023

if it hurt to see the accusations you would clarify your position but clearly you don’t care at all

— yush (@moonsgenre) October 28, 2023

Eric has since received more backlash regarding his concert date in Malaysia, which you can read about below.

Eric Nam Faces Backlash For Supposedly Removing His Malaysian Concert Date After Receiving Criticism

 The statement was shared on a private Discord. 

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