Epik High’s Tablo And His Wife Surprisingly “Don’t Recommend Marriage” — Here’s Why


Epik High’s Tablo and his wife, actress Kang Hye Jung, are both known to be happily married. They share an adorable daughter, Haru.

Kang Hye Jung, Haru and Tablo. | YG Entertainment

During a recent interview show with Sung Si Kyung, the Epik High members began sharing their thoughts on marriage. Sung Si Kyung expressed a desire to get married, despite his reservations about finding the right one. He wants to marry for love, rather than date to marry.

Epik High on the show. | Sung Si Kyung/YouTube

On the other hand, Tablo disagreed about marriage. He surprisingly does not recommend marriage.

When my juniors ask me how being married is or if they should marry, I have always been saying that I don’t recommend marriage. Both me and Hye Jung don’t feel that the system of marriage isn’t such a fabulous one. It’s just the most convenient method to live with the person I love. That’s just it.

— Tablo

Mithra also agreed that it was “simply a way to tie down your girlfriend.” Tablo disagreed when DJ Tukutz said that  he thinks “marriage is a process where you let go of half of your own persona.” To Tablo, he has always hated the expression “your other half.” In Korean, it is often used by couples to refer to their partner, as many believe that two halves make a whole when it comes to dating.

Many agreed that Tablo’s mentality that one and one make two is much healthier. Although viewers were initially surprised when Tablo declared he was not in support of marriage due to his happy family, they ultimately praised him for his mature thoughts.

 He has a daughter called Haru with his wife. 

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