ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Calls Out A Fan For Cheating On Another Member


ENHYPEN is known for frequently coming to Weverse to communicate with fans. You never know when they will drop in to reply to a lucky few!

On January 23, 2025, Jungwon surprised fans by coming to leave some comments on fans’ posts. A fan had sweetly confessed their love for Jungwon, leading him to reply in like.

Fan: Jungwon, I love you today too. Jungwon: Me too. Jungwon’s comment on the post. | Weverse

It was only then that he realized that the fan’s username was “Hoon’s Girlfriend!” Not only that, their profile picture was also one of fellow member Sunghoon. Jungwon didn’t hestitate to call her out.

Jungwon: Cough, but… Jungwon: This fan is cheating (on Sunghoon.) Sunghoon.

How does it feel like to be called out by your idol? The fan’s heart may lie with Sunghoon, but it seems like they can’t resist Jungwon’s many charms!



 The cutest interaction. 

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