ENHYPEN Members Spotted “Scared And Pissed” At New York Send-Off Gone Wrong


In celebration of Thanksgiving, ENHYPEN graced Good Morning America‘s Times Square studio in New York after attending the “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.”


It was truly delightful to be on GMA for the first time and to perform ‘Sweet Venom’ in Times Square. Thank you #ENGENE for supporting us in the early morning! #231124 @ Good Morning America


Following their wonderful live performance of “Sweet Venom,” ENHYPEN was spotted leaving the studio amid a crowd of fans who showed up for support. ENHYPEN members greeted their fans and tried interacting with them amid the guards and the barricades.

231124 GMA Sendoff

I can’t believe Jungwon touched my hand 4 TIMES #ENHYPEN #엔하이픈 #JUNGWON #HEESEUNG #JAY #JAKE #SUNGHOON #SUNOO #NI_KI pic.twitter.com/ZtZJ0dlqwv

— ziyu (@ziyyuu) November 24, 2023

The “send-off,” however, ended up frightening the members—with one of the barricades falling toward Sunoo and almost causing a surge situation.

#ENHYPEN SEND OFF AT #GMA #ENHYPEN_MACYSPARADE2023 #enhypen_gma pic.twitter.com/4AGvtC6JY9

— lara & jay’s raya (@fullsunstay) November 24, 2023

The guards responded with speed, handling the situation before things could get worse. The footage, however, made its rounds on social media platforms, causing concerns among fans.


And “fans” wonder why idols don’t interact with them anymore #iixoyeji #enhypen

♬ original sound – Jake’s gf (real!!)

ENHYPEN fans criticized those who were on-site for putting the members, other fans, and themselves in danger with their inconsiderate behaviors…

| @iixoyeji/TikTok | @iixoyeji/TikTok

…while one ENHYPEN fan, who was near the barricades, pointed out that “people from the back” and “fansites” started crowding and pushing to get closer to the members.

You know who you are , pushing WILL not get you anywhere. You didn’t just hurt enhypen but also Engenes, please don’t ever call yourself fans if hurting and pushing them and others is ur goal.

— yam (@yaricxuu) November 24, 2023

All in all, it was a dangerous moment for ENHYPEN members and fans alike. This is not the first time ENHYPEN’s send-off has gone wrong.

ENHYPEN Reportedly Change Send-Off Event After Dangerous Conditions Arise

Meanwhile, the show—Good Morning America—itself is also receiving criticism from ENHYPEN fans, as well as K-Pop lovers worldwide, for an unprofessional and disrespectful interview with the members. Read more about it here.

“Good Morning America” Under Fire For “Disrespecting” ENHYPEN On Live TV

 Things got dangerous, and the members got rightfully frightened. 

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