ENHYPEN Fans Call Out Sasaeng For Snapping Photos Of Jake On A Flight


It recently came to the attention of fans that ENHYPEN‘s Jake had fallen prey to a sasaeng. The sasaeng had not only purchased a flight seat next to him but also snapped photos of the star when he was asleep. Jake’s form has been colored out to protect him, but the sasaeng originally uploaded the photos without any form of mosaic.

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The sasaeng has shown such behavior repeatedly. On another occasion, she positioned the camera such that she could take a selfie with Jake in the background. She also captioned it, “puppy who slept throughout the entire [flight].

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Not just selfies, but she would also take photos of him over the seat’s barrier. Once again, his face has been covered for his protection, but she uploaded it without any mosaic.

She has also been doing this with other idols that she likes.

Jake is not the only victim.

this IS NOT her first time! JAKE is not the only victim. the real fucking sasaeng

report this mfhttps://t.co/SyXX4oAcWX pic.twitter.com/kVY1NKQ3ed

— jiji (@jaeyunion) January 30, 2024

Fans have urgently called for the company to protect Jake.

This girl is too obsessed with jake to the point booking a seat near with him??!? And capturing without his consent?!?? This is too alarming @BELIFTLAB do something and protect your artist https://t.co/XL0SE7o89K

— kayee (@yjjungwoniee) January 30, 2024

so apparently she hasn’t only done this 1 time but many she will buy a seat nxt 2 jk on the plane & then take selfies while he’s sleeping & then post it on weibo. This is disgusting!! protect jake #ENHYPEN #JAKE @BELIFTLAB
https://t.co/iWnGXnncGn pic.twitter.com/toIoBqPVxH

— Jay Held My Hand @barricade ❦ (@Wonniesbobai_s) January 30, 2024

this one mf op kept on taking pictures of idols (esp jake) sleeping on plane. throw your phone u creepy weirdo! give the artists the privacy they deserve!

kindly report this on weibo and twt! her un’s @ ReALcHLoE_


— j ; (@summerhypen) January 30, 2024

Stalking is a serious crime — sasaengs should not be taken lightly and should be dealt by with the necessary procedure.

 She has been doing this to other idols as well. 

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