Elderly Man Passes Away From Stone Thrown By Elementary School Student


A man in his 70s reportedly passed away in Seoul after being hit by a rock thrown from a high-rise building.

According to the Seoul Nowon Police Station and Gangbuk Fire Station, on November 17, an elderly man, identified as Mr. Kim, died after sustaining a head injury. He was walking around an apartment complex in Wolgye-dong, Nowon-gu, where he was a resident when he was hit on the head by a rock thrown from about ten floors up.

The site where Mr. Kim passed away | TV Chosun The site where Mr. Kim passed away | TV Chosun

The fire department was notified swiftly that an elderly man had collapsed and was bleeding from his head. But by the time the first responders arrived, Mr. Kim had already passed away. After confirming his death, the fire department handed the case over to the police.

The Seoul Nowon Police Station | Chosun Ilbo

It was discovered that the stone that killed Mr. Kim was thrown by a lower-grade elementary school boy who lives in the same apartment building. The rock was reportedly as big as an adult male’s fist.

High rises in Nowon-gu, image used for representational purposes | David Kennard Photography

The police are currently investigating the precise circumstances of the incident, focusing on the child who threw the stone and his guardian. However, they have made it clear that the child will be completely excluded from criminal liability because he is less than 10 years of age. He would also be granted the protections provided under the juvenile law.

The incident, however, has incited severe backlash from netizens who feel that the child is old enough to know about the dangers of throwing things from buildings. Many also criticized the parents for not educating their child properly, which ultimately led to such tragedy.

 Netizens are enraged over the case. 

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