Eagle-Eyed Fans Realize BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Is Missing Something As She Leaves Cartier Event


This week, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo was in Paris, France, as a global ambassador for the French luxury jeweler Cartier. Jisoo was officially appointed in May 2022.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | Cartier

On February 6, 2024, Jisoo flew to France for her schedule with Cartier. She recently starred alongside fellow global celebrities GOT7‘s Jackson Wang, Labrinth, Paul Mescal, and Yara Shahidi in the designer brand’s Cartier Trinity Centenary campaign.

On February 7 (local time), Jisoo attended Trinity Celebration Dinner. As expected, the idol looked absolutely beautiful in a simple black dress that made her look like a princess.

Since it was a Cartier event, Jisoo was styled in an elegant and classic black dress so that the accessories would be the focus of her outfit. Her dress was Oscar De La Renta, which cost over $10K USD.

Jisoo’s jewelry was all Cartier, of course. Her necklace was a special creation from the brand, which is so prestigious that the price could only be available upon request. Some fans believe it is $220,000 USD.

Global Ambassador JISOO today at Cartier #Trinity100Celebration is wearing an ‘Essential Lines necklace’.

JISOO AVEC CARTIER #JISOOxCartierTrinityParis pic.twitter.com/b7SMr9KP1t

— FOREVER KIM JISOO (@ForeverKimJisoo) February 7, 2024

The necklace jisoo is wearing is Cartier “Essential Lines necklace” it’s price is around 220k usd pic.twitter.com/vwoij5PE9r

— ⋋_⋌ (@S00YACUNT) February 7, 2024

The earrings and ring were also made from white gold diamonds to match the necklace, as they’re all part of the same Cartier collection. The ring and earrings are estimated at $26,119.26 USD and $59,432.66 USD, respectively.

Cartier Global Ambassador JISOO wears the Essential Lines jewellery collection — necklace, ring and earrings in white gold diamonds at the Cartier Trinity celebration.

JISOO AVEC PARIS #JISOOxCartierTrinityParis pic.twitter.com/ZfZRxkK6No

— JISOO CHARTS (@jichu_charts) February 7, 2024

Jisoo’s beauty in this styling blew away BLINKs. She was serving old Hollywood glamour. Many liked her to royalty, looking like a true princess.

Jisoo in long dresses is all i need to surive pic.twitter.com/f8OINmLKRS

— Jisooholic (@momsooo) February 8, 2024

Her Royal Highness, KIM JISOO

I mean– fix she’s royal family since era joseon HER BEAUTY LITERALLY UNREAL pic.twitter.com/tou48zMAWV

— gomgomie 🪐 (@pawangdalgom) February 8, 2024

I’m obsessed, I’ve been wanting her to dress like this for so long pic.twitter.com/IyZ1zJocw1

— A 꽃 (@JisooPrintt) February 8, 2024

Yet, eagle-eyed fans noticed something else. While she left the event, BLINKs realized that something was missing.

JISOO always greet fans coming and leaving the event. 🥹🫶

JISOO AVEC CARTIER#JISOOxCartierTrinityParis #Trinity100Celebration pic.twitter.com/6bfV6Q5wP9

— FOREVER KIM JISOO (@ForeverKimJisoo) February 7, 2024

Jisoo’s jewelry disappeared! Both her earrings and necklace were gone. Despite the outfit’s focal point having vanished, Jisoo still looked as gorgeous as ever.

where did jisoo’s necklace and earrings go!? pic.twitter.com/9w75lER8zn

— 𖤐 (@GhoulPinks) February 8, 2024

where is the necklace? pic.twitter.com/i6CSr3hdPY

— ً (@GODTIERJISOO) February 8, 2024

Netizens speculated as to what happened to the jewelry. Some joked it was the sequel to Ocean’s 8 film, which focused on the main characters’ attempt to steal a diamond necklace worth 150 million dollars from the Met Gala.

Somebody Ocean’s 8-ed her necklace.#JISOOxCartier #JISOO https://t.co/UQZIsSvt1j

— JKim 103% (@jkim96_) February 8, 2024

Others had a serious theory. They believe that after the event is over, Cartier takes it back due to security reasons as it was only intended to be loaned for special occasions.

the jewelry gone already it must have cost a fortune pic.twitter.com/M44Ba3yCZM

— ☆ (@jisoobest) February 8, 2024

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