Eagle-Eyed ARMYs Spot “Evidence” That BTS’s Jungkook Is The Biggest IU Fanboy


BTS‘s Jungkook is proving he is IU‘s biggest fan!

BTS’s Jungkook IU

Jungkook has been a fan of IU since day one! He has often identified her as his “ideal type,” and her album was the first he ever purchased.

Jungkook is now proving he’s still as big a fan as ever!

Jungkook released his new vlog “G.C.F in Budapest.” In the short time, Jungkook was in his apartment, eagle-eyed ARMYs spotted something…

It appears that Jungkook owns some IU merchandise! On one shelf appeared to be the humidifier that comes in IU’s 6th Official Fanclub Kit.


IU 6th Gen
Glad the humidifier is working fine
I’m so in love with the design and theme
And the box for 6th gen is huge, I need some storage to keep it @_IUofficial pic.twitter.com/q1TenLfsyU

— Miss Jingni (@ChahIvy) July 3, 2023

Directly underneath, many fans also noticed what appears to be not one but three IU lightsticks. Some have argued that they’re karaoke mics, but mics are usually darker, and IU’s lightsticks do have a mic appearance.

jungkook has three iu lightsticks truly the realest uaena ever pic.twitter.com/CRtFOILGql

— reems ♡s salma (@myglIly) November 20, 2023

jungkook got not one but THREE iu lightsticks??? pic.twitter.com/9bHV5L02eT

— beth⁷ free (@jooniepIant) November 20, 2023

So, I just saw people on dc gall said that Jungkook also owned the humidifier from Uaena 6th fanclub kit Below the humidifier, there are 3 IU’s lightsticks pic.twitter.com/pL6kDnbd10

— 시카유 (@melloviciousiu) November 20, 2023

Last year, Jungkook also attended multiple days of IU’s concert, The Golden Hour. Read more below.

BTS’s Jungkook Proves There Is No Bigger IU Fan Than Him As He Attends Day 2 Of Her Concert

 He’s the biggest fanboy! 

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